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2013-01-26 00:04:51

Kulervoucí kytary.

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Washburn PS1800 Guitar : Demo / Review : Paul Stanley KISS Signature Series Axe!!!  |  Více info

Boys & Girls - I hope you enjoy this up close & personal review of the Washburn PS1800 Guitar! This is am amazing axe, both in tone and especially in looks!

7:30 Clean Tones Demo

For those wanting some history on Washburn ... here's a nice write-up that's worth a look-see :

Gear Wise :I was plugged into both the Bugera 333XL and Carvin Legacy 3. Clean tones were all the Carvin.

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Until next time ... ROCK ON!

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2013-01-26 00:05:29

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Washburn Paul Stanley PS1800CM Cracked Mirror Guitar  |  Více info

Washburn's P1800CM is a tribute to the Washburn custom shop cracked mirror guitar Paul has been playing for years with KISS. This is an Indonesian made model that really captures what Paul and KISS is about both sonically and visually. This guitar has a thin fast neck, hot humbuckers, and a look like none other. The guitar is normal weight at 8.6 lbs. A fun guitar to play that really sounds and feels great.

Recorded with a Flip Ultra HD and Alesis Guitarist Playmate. Edited with Pinnacle's Studio 11.

2013-03-14 23:50:46

jezek: Když má kytarista takový nástroj, tak se při hraní moc neunaví